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 PlaySushi/Game Vance - Offers Guide

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PostSubject: PlaySushi/Game Vance - Offers Guide   Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:49 pm

I will be showing you how to complete Game Vance offers.
*Click on any of the images to enlarge it*
- Windows Operating System

1) Find the PlaySushi/GameVance offer and click on it.

2) You will see a page that looks like this. Click on the middle of the page.

3) Save, and then Run the File.

4) The installer should pop up.

5) Uncheck the boxes that ask you to install a toolbar.

6) Click the Finish button on the installer

7) A page should automatically pop up asking you to play the game. Click the Play button.

8)Go back to MyInstantGPT and hit the Mark As Pending button

You are done Very Happy
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PlaySushi/Game Vance - Offers Guide
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