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 Consumers Expressions - Offers Guide

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PostSubject: Consumers Expressions - Offers Guide   Fri May 21, 2010 3:35 pm

Make sure to clear your cookies after every offer and Make sure to use real information in every offer.


Step 1: Make a new email address

Step 2: Click on the Consumers Expression you would like to do in MyInstantGPT

Step 3: Fill out the info

Step 4: Now you will see a big list of offers do the ones that start with the red and orange - You only have to do those.

Step 5: Do a few offers in the path and skip the rest.

Step 6: Make it to the last page of the list and then submit the page.

Step 7: Mark the offer as pending in MyInstantGPT Very Happy - Consumer Expressions offers take less than 30 minutes to credit
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Consumers Expressions - Offers Guide
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